"... To imagine, then, was a way to begin the process of transforming reality. All that we cannot imagine will never come into being.”
— bell hooks, “Narratives of Struggle"

Brass Knuckle Poems: 10 WAYS TO GET HIGH

# 6 sounds like a plan:

Start reading a James Baldwin novel. As you’re getting close to the end of it, buy a plane ticket to Athens, Greece and fly there in late summer.  When you get to Athens, see the sights first, and then hop on one of those powerboat ferry’s at the harbor and take it across the Mediterranean Sea. Ask the captain to take you to Santorini. Santorini is a small town built into the sloping side of a volcanic island, outside of Crete. The town is quiet but there are black and pink sand beaches bordering its bottom as well as bike trails that lead to hidden caves. The sunset is literally a different color every single evening. When you get to Santorini, take the trolley to the top of the island and find a restaurant the locals seem to be enjoying. Ask for a glass of their finest white wine in broken Greek (as to show the host you’re interested in the language of the place he/she calls home).  Drink in hand, walk out onto the western part of the deck and feel the air on your face.  Sit down and take out the Baldwin novel.  Time it perfectly so that you’re reading the last word of the book exactly as the fire dips below the horizon.